Supercharge Miner Pre-order

To extract as many bitcoins as possible, it is important to possess a powerful mining equipment that does not have much power consumption. We assume that in the near future we will have a high-power mining equipment that will be standalone (will not connect to the PC) and will have low power consumption. We are currently releasing a pre-order event at an unbeatable low price. So do not hesitate to order, the price will grow with the progressing time.
Cooling of minerals
The proper functioning of the mining equipment is important for the extraction of bitcoins. Powerful devices are very hot and often overheated, so they need to be cooled. Fans are the ideal option. We offer one USB fan, which costs a few hundred crowns and it is sufficient to cool even the most powerful device. Do not underestimate the need for cooling, the fans are not expensive and can save the device from overheating, the mining equipment costs several thousand, so it is really worthwhile to invest in the ventilator.