Save space and enjoy as much as you can

This is an eternal imperative, passing through the dwellings of especially less wealthy users of apartments and houses. But if you own a large house and large rooms, it doesn't automatically mean that sofa beds are taboo for you. It is not necessary even in a large room to install more pieces of furniture where one is enough. The popularity of folding furniture is general, whether it is the mentioned sofas, armchairs or beds including children. However, we are now mainly devoted to sofas.
What good is it to break down?
So clearly the most important motive is in many cases, of course, saving space where we need more different pieces of furniture, but we do not have a place. Another motive is not to purchase unnecessarily pieces of furniture, for which we know that we will use them only once in a while, if necessary. The sofas are large enough to be able to replace the bed, for example. Therefore, they are most often used in this way.